Sprinkling sweet smelling magic to bath time

When your little one is splashing and smiling in their bath, you’ll find yourself smiling ear-to-ear, too. At Childs Farm, that’s what we’re all about. We transform bathtime into a world of wonder, with every splash and pop of a bubble.

We're dedicated to creating mild, gentle, and effective skincare solutions for the precious babies and children out there. Sensitive skincare doesn't need to be boring; our enhancing blend of fragrance, foam and fun ensures that everybody wins.

Each of our products have been dermatologist and pediatrician approved, so you can use them with confidence knowing they’ve been given the gold seal of approval from the experts.

FUNbelievably kind! Bringing mom peace of mind

Childs Farm is gentle on your little one’s skin and kind to our planet. That’s our kind of perfect! It’s suitable for all skin types like dry & sensitive skin and our Oatderma moisturizer is specifically formulated for eczema prone skin. Because healthy skin is happy skin, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the magic of Childs Farm in their bathtime routine.


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The award-winning UK brand, created in rural England, is now available for your little ones to safely enjoy in your bath! Expertly designed to protect your children's delicate skin, our products are available in both fragrance and fragrance-free options, perfect for sensitive skin. Enjoy worry-free fun in the tub with Childs Farm!

Our range

  • Baby

    As new parents, you want the best for your little one. From bubble bath to nappy cream, we've lovingly bottled up nature's finest natural origin ingredients to nourish and protect your baby’s precious skin.

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  • Child

    We know bathtime can be a little chaotic and we're here every splash of the way. From hair & body wash to skin nourishing moisturiser, your little one's skin and haircare is in safe hands.

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  • Sun

    Protect your little ones from the sun's harmful rays with our specially formulated Sun Care. Each product in this range offers very high SPF 50+ protection, is fragrance-free, and designed for delicate skin.

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Made by a mom, with you in mind

A mom would do anything for her children. Our founder Joanna Jensen was no different. In 2010, when her girls struggled to get comfortable because of their sensitive skin, Joanna was determined to find mild and effective skincare for her delicate little ones.

Frustrated by the lack of options, she took matters into her own hands and began creating her own formulas at her kitchen table. Yes, that's right, her own kitchen

Two years later, Joanna launched six effective products, packed full of natural origin ingredients that helped her girls enjoy their bathtime routine while feeling comfortable in their own skin. What started out as a story of love and perseverance has helped transform lives of children around the world. Your family’s skin is in safe hands.

Our Story

We’re award winning, voted by parents

At Childs Farm, we set out to create a range of skin and haircare products to care for the skin of precious babies and children. In fact, they’re so excellent that we’ve even scooped up a bunch of awards.

We take great pride in being named a five-time winner of the best baby skincare range at the
Mother & Baby Awards in the UK. And we haven’t stopped there...we’re also proud to be
certified as a B-Corp member which means we’re certifiably doing things the right way, plus
we always look to create effective products that are cruelty-free and vegan.

While winning awards is wonderful, reading reviews from real parents is even more heartwarming.

No need to take our word for it when you can scroll the reviews below to hear from moms, dads, and families from around the world.

Childs Farm is now available for your kids to enjoy across America

At Childs Farm, we strive for a world where every child is free from dry and sensitive skin and can enjoy their bathtime routine with every fragrant pop of a bubble.

We’re well on our way with a full range of gentle, skin-nourishing products that can now be found in 7,500 retail stores and are enjoyed by families across the globe.

We welcome you with open arms into our Childs Farm family as we’re on our quest to help every baby and child feel happy in their skin. Now, families across America can enjoy our natural, effective, kind to the planet products designed specifically for your little ones.