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Clinical safety testing Clinical safety testing

Clinical safety testing

What is clinical safety testing?

This is a 96-hour patch test on a panel of healthy men and women all of whom have medically diagnosed eczema-prone skin. The protocol that we follow is an international standard to determine the irritation potential of a cosmetic product.  The protocol involves applying a patch to the skin containing the product daily for 4 days. At the end of each day the patch is removed, and the skin assessed by an expert for any sign of irritation. The products are tested against both a positive control and negative control to demonstrate the validity of the test.  
The results of the study were reviewed by a Dermatologist (and a Paediatrician for Childs Farm) against their strict criteria to ensure that the product is: 


Independent user trials:

Childs Farm 

Because the protocol for clinical safety trials can only be undertaken on subjects over 18 years of age, we felt that parents needed more confirmation that the products were suitable for their little ones. We therefore complete two user trials on each of our products. One on a panel of newborn babies (0-3 months) and another on a panel of young children with medically diagnosed eczema (0-18 months).

Parents/carer givers are asked to use the products on their babies/children in place of their normal bath time products for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, the parents/carers are asked to complete a questionnaire on how they would rate the performance and suitability of the product for their newborn/young child with medically diagnosed eczema. The results are then reviewed and analysed to ensure that the products are meeting the expectations of parents of newborn babies/young children with medically diagnosed eczema.  

We also ask for feedback to ensure our products did not cause irritation to support that the formulations are mild and gentle to ensure they are suitable for both newborn babies and children with medically diagnosed eczema. For a Childs Farm product to be launched, the product must pass our strict criteria at each test and review point. If the product does not meet these standards, we will not launch it.  

Independent user trials:


Carried out by an independent testing house, the products of the current Farmologie range were presented in neutral packing with no brand names or information. A panel of 75% women and 25% men, a total of 180 participants with equal participants with dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. 
Key brand claims 
99% agreed the product caused no irritation to their dry and sensitive skin 
86% agreed the products instantly left their skin feeling moisturised and nourished 
80% agreed they would buy these products & would recommend them to other people 
74% agreed the products left them feeling confident in how their skin looks.