The best sun care for sensitive skin

Protect your little ones from the sun's harmful rays with our specially formulated suncare. Each product in this range offers very high SPF 50+ protection, is fragrance-free, and designed for delicate and sensitive skin.

Protecting precious skin from sun damage

Over exposure to the sun can have serious effects on the skin, particularly on young skin. Below are our top tips for keeping little ones safe in the sun.  

  • Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight and make sure they wear UV protective clothing and high SPF sunscreens (at least 25+).  
  • In line with NHS guidance, babies under 6-months should be kept out of the sun entirely.  
  • Avoid intense midday sun. This is a great time to head indoors for some shade.  
  • Do not stay too long in the sun, even when using a sunscreen product.  
  • Reapply sun cream frequently every 1-2 hours, and always after perspiring, swimming or towelling.  
  • Encourage your child to wear a hat to keep their face protected.  
  • Give your child regular sips of water to keep them hydrated.