• Step 1: Bubble bath

    Long-lasting soft bubbles to gently nourish delicate skin, providing ultimate hydration to help protect the skin barrier against intense dryness.

  • Step 2: Baby wash

    Packed with the goodness of oats to gently cleanse and hydrate sensitive skin, helping the skin to feel moisturised during washing.

  • Step 3: Baby moisturiser

    Made with the ultimate blend of colloidal oatmeal and oat oil, these star ingredients provide ultimate skin hydration to help lock moisture back into dry, itchy skin.

Does your little one have sensitive skin that tends to be dry and itchy? Say hello to our OatDerma™ range.

Created specifically for babies and children with dry, itchy skin, and also safe for people who may be prone to eczema. By harnessing the natural power of oats, our OatDerma™ range offers a full skincare routine including a bubble bath, wash, and moisturiser. You can rest assured that your little one’s delicate skin is in safe hands.

Using a revolutionary formula featuring sustainably sourced colloidal oatmeal and oat oil, these nourishing ingredients provide ultimate skin hydration and are clinically proven to help soothe sensitive skin and protect the skin barrier.

Dr Anita’s top 5 skincare tips on how to care for a child with sensitive skin  

  1. Master the bathing routine.  Cleanse your little one’s skin with lukewarm water and use a gentle body wash which has been specifically formulated for a child’s sensitive skin. After bathing, pat their skin dry with a soft towel and ensure the skin is thoroughly dried to prevent any moisture buildup. 
  2. Moisturise regularly.  Support their skin barrier by using moisturising products with skin conditioning ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and glycerin. Be sure to moisturise your child’s sensitive skin regularly throughout the day to help strengthen their developing skin barrier, lock moisture back into the skin and prevent dryness.
  3. Avoid potential irritants. Keep things simple, once you find a product that suits your child’s sensitive skin, use consistently.
  4. Go natural. Choose soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen for your child’s clothing and bedding. Avoid wool or rough textured material that can irritate their skin. It’s also important to choose skin care products with naturally derived plant-based ingredients, such as Childs Farm range.
  5. Avoid sun exposure. Protect your little one from the sun by keeping them in the shade and covering their arms and legs with lightweight, breathable, loosely fitted clothing. Make sure you’re also using a sunscreen that is suitable for sensitive skin and designed for children, with a high SPF 50 and broad-spectrum protection.    

Loved by Vogue Williams

“It’s really good for sensitive skin, it’s super gentle, I use some of it on myself and it’s just a really gorgeous all-round product that my kids enjoy using.”

Vogue Williams
TV presenter & Mum of 3

Recommended by Dr Anita

"Oats have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties, which can help alleviate itching and irritation"

Dr Anita
GP & Dermatologist Ambassador for Childs Farm

What is the Oaty Science behind the ingredients used in our OatDerma™ range?   

Colloidal oatmeal   

A flour produced by milling and sieving the entire oat grain, including the bran layer, which is a key part of the oat that houses many skin benefits. Rich in beta-glucan and avenanthramides, it’s clinically proven to help soothe and gently nourish the natural balance of delicate skin.   


A sugar which binds water into the skin, helping the skin to retain moisture and improve hydration. It is also shown to have a soothing effect on the skin.   


An antioxidant which exclusively exists in oats to help reduce irritation and redness in the skin.   

Lipids and oils   

These form a protective barrier on the skin to help keep out external elements and maintain skin hydration.   

Ceramide rich oat oil  

Ceramides are a major component of skin lipids. Oat oil acts as an occlusive and a humectant, absorbing and retaining moisture in the skin.  

Tapioca starch  

Extracted from cassava plant roots and leaves skin feeling soft with no greasy residue left behind.   

OatDerma™ FAQs 

Is the OatDerma™ range safe if my baby had eczema?  

Our OatDerma™ range has been developed to be gentle on skin and is also safe for people who may be prone to eczema. 

We always recommend to carrying a patch test first, especially if your baby has particularly sensitive skin. Apply a small amount of product to the crease of your little one’s elbow and leave for 24 hours before use. Do not test on skin that is already irritated. If there is no irritation after 24 hours, you can begin to use the product. 

Is this range safe to be used on the face? 

Our OatDerma™ range is suitable for use on the face as well as body. We just recommend being careful around the eye area.

What causes sensitive skin in babies?

Sensitive skin may develop at any time and can be triggered by various factors, such as exposure to certain products, chemicals and environmental irritants.