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A BRAND NEW, fruity, fun & fuss-free shower regime with clinically proven 48-hour moisturisation.*

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Are you ready for a shower-time game-changer?

For every little milestone your child hits, we're right there with you! As your little ones sprout their wings of independence, we're thrilled to unveil our latest creation, designed to make showering a snap - while serving up a whopping 48-hour hydration punch!

🛁 Step 1: Shower Smoothies!

Dive into the fruity, fresh world of our new Shower Smoothies(in Raspberry and Blueberry & Mango). Infused with an ultra-hydrating trio of ingredients and an irresistible fruity fragrance, it's your ticket to 12-hour skin hydration. Watch it foam into a frenzy of fruity bubbles in seconds, rinsing off quickly to leave the skin feeling supremely soft and gigglingly clean!

💦 Step 2: Miracle Moisturisers!

Following up the smoothie with a scoop of miracle? That's where our Miracle Moisturisers come in! Magically melting into wet or dry skin, they deliver a 24-hour moisturisation marathon, alongside a lingering, delightful fruity fragrance. It's rich, it's nourishing, and it's incredibly light. Best part? It soaks right into the skin, fresh out of the shower - no wait times, all play times!

🎉 Two of your all-time favourite fragrances, Raspberry and Blueberry & Mango, have gotten a makeover in these new arrivals.

*when using our shower regime of shower smoothie directly followed by miracle moisturiser


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How do these shower products offer 48-hour moisturisation?

Created to give children confidence when showering independently, our shower smoothie and miracle moisturiser duo are fuss-free with a long-lasting fruity fragrance, and when used together they provide 48-hour moisturisation. Kick start the routine with our shower smoothie using a trio of ultra hydrating ingredients, it foams in seconds creating fresh fruity bubbles. Next, it’s time to lock in moisture with the miracle moisturiser which magically melts into wet or dry skin, absorbing instantly and leaving skin moisturised all day long.

Will my child enjoy using these shower products?

In our user trials, 9/10 parents said their child has fun in the shower whilst using this fruity fragranced regime*

*based on a consumer user trial with 105 participants after fourteen days use

What do other parents think of this shower range?

Here's some of the feedback we got during our user trials:

I have loved using these products on my son! His skin has never looked or felt better, and the scent is amazing!
-Emilie, County Durham

These products smell amazing! Instantly nourished skin and smoothed extra dry areas such as elbows knees.
–Martine, Hampshire

I absolutely loved this regime and so did my child. The blueberry and mango fragrance smelled just like the real thing! It was soothing and comforting.
-Aqsa, Greater Manchester.