When to Throw a Baby Shower: Answers for Every Excited Parent-to-Be

When to Throw a Baby Shower: Answers for Every Excited Parent-to-Be

Hey there, amazing parents-to-be and baby shower planners! 🌈👶

A big, bubbly congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! 🎉 As you embark on this magical journey, one question might be bubbling up in your mind: "When should I have my baby shower?" Or “When should I be planning my friends baby shower?” Well, dear friend, let's splash right into the world of baby showers! 

Finding your Perfect Baby Shower Moment

So, you've just found out you or one of your nearest and dearest is expecting—hooray! 🎉 You're probably itching to dive right into planning that baby shower. And hey, we get it! But let’s explore the perfect time to celebrate the impending arrival of your new mini best friend. 

Celebrating Early: The First Trimester Baby Shower 🍼🎈

Are you bubbling with excitement and can't wait to celebrate? You might be pondering a baby shower in the first trimester. If you’d like to share your news with a smaller group initially, perhaps you could combine your pregnancy announcement and baby shower! For some, celebrating earlier might be a practical choice, during the first trimester many parents-to-be might still have lots of energy. There's no right or wrong time to celebrate. If an early shower feels right for you, go for it!

The Magical Second Trimester Window 🌟

Traditionally, many parents-to-be choose to have their baby shower during the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. It's a sweet spot where you're visibly glowing (and showing!), but still have enough energy to enjoy the festivities. 

A Toast to the Final Stretch

Some parents prefer to wait until the third trimester, which is absolutely fine! Just keep in mind that as your due date approaches, you might be dealing with swollen feet and declining energy levels. You'll want to be comfortable enough to enjoy your own party, after all! 


Virtual Showers: The New Kid on the Block

In today's digital age, virtual baby showers have become a thing, and they're especially handy if your loved ones are spread out across the globe. The best part? You can still play our wonderful baby shower games and open lovely gifts, all from the comfort of your home.

A Few Parting Bubbles 🛁

Remember, the most important thing is to make memories and share this incredible journey with your loved ones. So, as you plan your baby shower, know that you're not alone. We're right here with you, cheering you on every step (and splash!) of the way.

Happy planning, and even happier parenting! 🌈👶🛁
With all our love and bubbles, The Childs Farm Family 💕


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