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Sustainable packaging is any cosmetic supplier’s bug-bear: we look at everything from Bamboo to glass, sugar cane to mineral packaging. We have to weigh up the carbon footprint of any container that we use, the energy used to manufacture it, the availability, and the cost to you.  

This research led us to launch Farmologie using what we believe to be the best packaging today for us to use, and certainly the most outstanding in the current marketplace. And this packaging is now beginning to roll out with the Childs Farm brand. This includes: 


  • 100% recycled prevented ocean plastic bottles – plastic that has been gathered by communities in Developing Nations around the world from riverbanks and tributaries – in effect waste which is bound for the ocean. Childs Farm bottles are up to 50% recycled plastic and will be moving to ocean prevented plastic in early 2021. 
  • Our tubes are made of up to 50% PCR –post-consumer recycled plastic – so plastic which is recycled then mixed with newly made plastic. This makes them recyclable. We are constantly looking to increase the PCR content as soon as we can, but supply is short at present as not enough is being put into the recycling chain. Again, by putting plastic back into the recycling chain will help to create a meaningful circular economy. so please think of this when it comes to your own plastic recycling.  
  • Our new Farmologie Pumps contain no metal – which means they are 100% recyclable – and will be replacing the Childs Farm pumps in Q1 2021. 
  • All our card and paper is recycled or from FSC approved sources, and is recyclable – from the packaging on our Try Me Box, to the case packaging in which products are delivered into stores. 
  • We have also reduced the size of our lids on the Childs Farm range – reducing our use of plastics by 67% - and stopped using pumps on our 500ml bottles.  These pumps will last for years, so why have a new one each time? You can buy them from our web shop and they should last you a long time – or hang onto them from the hand wash and moisturisers, give them a good clean, and use on your other products. 

On each of our product pages in the shop you will see a logo telling you the recycled content of the packaging, and also how you can recycle it. Unfortunately, all local authorities are different, so check with yours to understand how you can recycle our products successfully where you live. And for more tricky packaging, check out the Terracycle website to see what else you can recycle   

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Joanna, Dr. Lou and our team of Chemists are passionate about the planet and know the provenance of every single ingredient that we use. These include the community stories behind our organic coconut oil which comes from The Philippines, to the oat oil Dr. Lou sourced from the harsh climate of Scandinavia.  And they are constantly looking for better sources of our ingredients so we know who we are working with and the difference we are making to their lives and their communities. To read more about our ingredients, the community stories and their source of origin, go to our ingredients page. 

Carbon Footprint

Childs Farm Ltd is a carbon assessed company. During the period of January 1st 2019 – December 31st 2019 our organisation released 539.46 tonnes of CO2e.  
We active work with Carbon Footprint to offset not only our own emissions, but to go above and beyond our measured footprint to provide greater environmental benefits, and we are thrilled to be certified as a Carbon Neutral Plus organisation. 
We have achieved this by supporting the following projects: 

  • UK tree planting & reduced deforestation and forest degradation in Brazil: offsetting 270 tonnes of CO2e, planting 270 trees in the UK, and protecting 270 trees in the Brazilian Amazon from threats such as illegal logging. 
  • Clean drinking water in Cambodia: offsetting 270 tCO2e, protecting 450 hectares of Cambodian forest, and providing ceramic water purifiers to rural families. 

More information on the projects we are supporting can be found on the Carbon Footprint website: 
Planting trees   
Cambodia water filters 

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