Let’s start the conversation young

Let’s start the conversation young

To our Childs Farm family and followers,  

Last week saw “Blackout Tuesday” online, an initiative that supported the Black Lives Matter awareness in the wake of the unjust loss of George Floyd. As an upbeat Children’s brand that we hope provides fun and escapism even through the Covid-19 challenge, we joined in solidarity of the cause by not posting on any of our social channels for 24hrs, our intention being one of support. By no means am I, my family or indeed Childs Farm’s employees silent about the issue, and never intend to be so. In the words of Desmond Tutu “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”, and we have been working on how we can best show our support to the BLM Campaign.  As a business, not just on this subject but in everything we do, we pride ourselves on listening to our followers, learning from your feedback, and striving to improve the way we communicate and conduct ourselves so we can continuously learn and develop. So this is what we have been doing.

We believe change begins at home, and as parents like you, it has become a reality that we have had to research how best we can educate our own families to be a force for good and change for the next generation.  With that research, it has become clear that we can use the Childs Farm platform to help other parents navigate through these important messages. As a brand, and as individuals, we stand in solidarity against racism and injustice and we understand that we all have a responsibility to create change, and this is something we take very seriously. 

To enable us to do this, we will continue to engage with BAME advocates for change. We will also be looking to recommend tried and tested tools that you can use to educate your children to understand what is happening at the moment, and how to make sense of it in keeping with our brand style. We want to help and empower you to be instrumental in that much needed change for generations to come – our little ones deserve to live in a world that recognises, supports and embraces cultural diversity. And because we value your opinions, we would love you to recommend tools that you have found useful in educating your children so these can be shared with others.

As a team at Childs Farm, we will continue to share a variety of children representing all the beautiful cultures we proudly have around the UK. As most of our content is user generated, we want to actively encourage you also to tag us and share your Childs Farm photos and stories to allow us to represent all of you to our followers. 

We want to play our role in all matters authentically and in as ‘Childs Farm’ a way as we can. And we are committed to continuing to be fully inclusive as a brand as we believe that everyone has a right to be happy in their skin, irrespective of age, race, gender or skin sensitivity.   

We will continue to be a force for good and keep communicating with you so that we remain a fully transparent and engaging brand that you can trust and respect.

With love 

Joanna Jensen


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