Childs farm presents superheroes for your skin!

Childs farm presents superheroes for your skin!

Childs Farm is here to save the day!

Saving you from the perils of boring bath times, tangled hair and bad ingredients, we have one mission at Childs Farm: for your family to be happy in their skin. That’s why we bring fun, fragrance and fantastic natural and sustainable skincare to your kids’ bath and body routine!

Our secret weapon? Multi award-winning bath and body products made with natural and naturally derived, super-soothing and sustainably sourced ingredients. And have no fear, our skincare for kids is formulated by a super-mum to ensure every product is suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin and even eczema-prone skin.

Meet the superheroes - our top ten Childs Farm products

One – organic raspberry bubble bath

Our organic raspberry bubble bath is guaranteed to supercharge bath time, thanks to its powerful combination of foamy, long-lasting bubbles and a deliciously fruity scent! With 97% natural origin ingredients, this superhero is formulated with coconut derived cleansing ingredients to fight grime, while naturally derived glycerin helps lock-in moisture, leaving all skin types feeling soothed and super hydrated.

Our kids bubble baths have superpowers – because now you can have truly bubbly baths that make every bath time fun, without any fear of irritation, even with the addition of our not-so-secret fruity fragrances!

Two – organic tangerine bubble bath

This organic tangerine bubble bath is the secret weapon you need for your kids’ pre-bedtime routine. It’s formulated with organic tangerine oil, which is known to have natural soothing and calming superpowers similar to lavender.

Similar to our organic raspberry bubble bath, this kids bubble bath has 97% natural origin ingredients, formulated to be as kind to young, delicate skin – including dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin!

Three – organic sweet orange hair and body wash

Is it a shampoo? Is it a body wash? No, it’s both! This one-bottle-wonder is the speedy bath and shower solution you need to clean skin and hair in a flash.

Powered by 97% natural origin ingredients, our organic sweet orange hair and body wash contains coconut derived cleansers to clean and hydrate skin and hair, with glycerin to help retain moisture, leaving skin feeling super-soothed. And with the addition of conditioning agents, hair is left glossy and tangle-free.

Four – watermelon & organic pineapple hair and body wash

If our sweet orange fragrance isn’t your thing... introducing our super fresh watermelon & organic pineapple hair and body wash. A perfect cocktail of fragrance, with notes of burnt sugar and zest mix and jumble in your nostrils to make possibly the best shower fragrance - ever.

Formulated with 97% natural origin ingredients, you can use our one-bottle-wonders with confidence on even the most sensitive skin with the knowledge that only mild, gentle and conditioning natural ingredients have been used.

Five – grapefruit and tea tree moisturiser

This hydration hero has one mission: To keep skin feeling hydrated, moisturised and super-soft. Formulated with 98% natural and natural origin ingredients, including the dream team of ethically sourced shea & cocoa butters, this rich and fast-absorbing grapefruit and tea tree moisturiser leaves a velvety finish on skin once absorbed.

Fragranced with uplifting grapefruit which gives the feeling of clean, and organic tea tree oil that is known to be one of nature’s own anti-bacterials.

Six – 50+ spf sun cream

Our SPF 50+ sun cream is the superhero you need this summer! Designed to protect young and sensitive skin from UVA and UVB rays, it’s formulated with glycerin to help retain moisture in the skin, leaving all skin types feeling super soothed and hydrated. It’s also water resistant, so you can rest assured that your little ones have protection whilst playing in the pool or sea.

SPF 50+ is the highest Sun Protection Factor category in the EU and offers very high protection against UVB rays – but get this... ours is actually 67 when tested! Find out why ours is the best sun cream for kids, and how you can be a sun care superhero in our sun protection blog post.

Seven – strawberry & organic mint shampoo

Our strawberry & organic mint shampoo’s superpower? It deeply cleanses hair, moisturises the hair and scalp, plus soothes the scalp with organic mint, all thanks to its powerful combination of 97% natural origin ingredients!

Using a light but deeply cleansing formula, with added scalp moisturising properties from the use of glycerin, this shampoo hit the spot. And with the wonderful fragrance of strawberries and mint, hair washing has never been easier.

Eight – strawberry & organic mint conditioner

Our strawberry & organic mint detangling conditioner is here to save you from the perils of tangles, knots and bath time tantrums! Formulated with 97% natural origin ingredients, including naturally derived hair conditioners to help detangle and nourish hair, this superhero will make washing as stress-free as possible, resulting in less tears, healthier hair and the most delicious scent!

Nine – hair detangler

Tangles are every parent's school run nemesis. But have no fear, our hair detangling spray is here! With 98% natural origin ingredients, this light, liquid conditioner is packed full of conditioning agents, from honey extract to wheat protein, to allow hair to be combed through, without heavy ‘drag’ on the scalp. It’s the secret weapon you need to improve the feel, appearance and manageability of your kid’s hair - and it smells fab too mixing grapefruit and nit-deterrent tea-tree oil together in perfect harmony.

Ten – strawberry and organic mint 3 in 1

This one-bottle-wonder has three superpowers in one bottle! It’s the speedy post-swim solution you need, offering a body wash, shampoo and conditioner in one.

Formulated with 97% natural origin ingredients, including naturally derived cleansers from coconut and corn to clean skin and hair, and a naturally derived conditioning agent for hair. Skin and hair are left moisturised and clean, hair is free of tangles, and the scalp is super soothed thanks to our organic peppermint essential oil!

Superheroes for your planet

With great power also comes great responsibility and Childs Farm isn’t just kind to skin – we're kind to planet, too. That’s why our plastic bottles contain between 30-100% PCR plastic (Post Consumer Recyled plastic), and we’re currently transitioning all our bottles to be made from 100% PCR Prevented Ocean Plastic.

Plus, our recent move to a smaller cap has reduced our use of plastic by 67% saving  over 50 tonnes of plastic!*

Empower your children to be sustainability superheroes by encouraging them to wash, squash and recycle our products in your curbside recycling, so they too can save the planet one bottle at a time:

Wash: Once your Childs Farm products are finished, wash and rinse the empty bottles in the sink or bath.

Squash: Squash the empty bottles, before placing the lid back on.

Recycle: Then pop your bottles in your recycling bin - make it easy by putting an extra bin or bag in your bathroom to pop your recycling bin.


*Based on 2020 volumes.

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