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5 Steps to Be a Star in Our Referral Program 🌟

You’ve got little ones with skin softer than a cloud, and you're already a fan of Childs Farm's magical (but not too magical) potions. So why not spread the love and earn some rewards while you’re at it? Welcome to the Childs Farm Referral Program, where sharing gets you caring—well, more caring products for your children! Here’s a lowdown on how to ace it.

But, first things first, if you aren't already a member—you'll have an email with your unique referral link in it if you are—you can sign up to join the Childs Farm referral program here.

What's a Referral Program, and How Does It Work? 🤷‍♀️

In a nutshell, you share the joy of Childs Farm products with your circle—be it friends, family, or that lovely mum from the playground. Whenever someone makes their first purchase using your unique link or code, you get rewards! And if you refer enough folks, you could even become a Childs Farm brand ambassador with extra perks and personal discounts. Simple as pie, and just as sweet! 🥧

How Rewarding Can It Be? 🎁

The sky's the limit! Your rewards grow as more people join the Childs Farm family through your referrals. Imagine not having to worry about running out of your favourite products for the next few months.

Step 1: Know the Essentials 📚

Your mates will have questions, and who better to answer them than you? Familiarise yourself with Childs Farm's most-asked questions like shipping times, product ingredients, and how our products are perfect for sensitive skin. Our FAQ section has your back for this. This prep makes you the go-to guide for all things Childs Farm!

Step 2: Choose Your Stage 📱

While you could shout about Childs Farm from the rooftops, social media is perhaps more practical. Instagram, Facebook, or even a personal blog can be your stage. Share your Childs Farm stories, from bubble baths to bedtime, and make sure to include your referral code or link when you do. 🛁

Step 3: Start with Your Inner Circle 🏠

Nobody cheers us on like our family and closest friends. Let them know you've found something special in Childs Farm, and they can try it too—with a delightful discount! Personal messages can work wonders here. Plus, it’s a win-win: they get quality products, and you get your rewards!

Step 4: Grow Your Outreach 🌱

Consistency is key. Keep sharing your family's Childs Farm journey through photos, stories or even little parenting wins (like conquering bath time without a fuss). As more people relate to your experiences, they’ll naturally want to be part of this caring community. 🌼

Step 5: Keep the Conversation Going 🗨️

If someone shows interest but hasn’t taken the plunge, don’t hesitate to follow up. Sometimes, all it takes is a nudge or a bit more information to convert a maybe into a definite yes!

Wrapping It Up 🎀

And there you have it, the ABCs of making the most out of the Childs Farm Referral Program. Armed with these tips, you’re not just poised to earn some fab rewards, but also to help grow a community rooted in care, love, and the best skin-loving formulas around. Ready to dive in? 🌈

Hope you found this helpful. Trust us, your little ones will thank you. Ready to embark on this rewarding journey? Let’s do it, one referral at a time! 🌟

Sample messages to share

Simply copy, paste, and slip in your personal referral link before sending them out into the world. Share them on your socials, in text messages, or even in that WhatsApp group you've got with all your mum and dad mates. Ready? Let's spread the joy!

General Messages

Hey, fellow parents! 👶 Just found the secret to happy baby skin. Check out Childs Farm with my referral link and join the fun! [Your Link]

Who knew bath time could be an adventure and gentle on the skin? 🛁 Loving our Childs Farm products. Click my link to explore! [Your Link]

Mums and dads, if you're looking for a more sustainable choice for your kiddos, give Childs Farm a go. 🌱 [Your Link]

Say bye to tears during hair washing. 😭➡️😊 #ChildsFarm detangling spray for the win! [Your Link]


For those of us navigating the sensitive skin maze 🌿, Childs Farm has been a game-changer. Try it out! [Your Link]

Fussy skin, meet your match! Childs Farm products have made our bedtime routine a dream. 🌙 [Your Link]

The nappy rash saga is finally over, thanks to Childs Farm's nappy cream! 👶 [Your Link]


Love that Childs Farm cares as much about our planet as they do about our little ones. 🌍💕 [Your Link]

Finally, skincare for kids that's as kind to the Earth as it is to them! 🌱 #ChildsFarm [Your Link]

Fun and Fragrance

The smell of Childs Farm's bubble bath is almost as adorable as my kiddo. Almost. 🛁🌸 [Your Link]

Who knew ‘organically grown’ could smell so good? 😍 Childs Farm, you’ve outdone yourselves! [Your Link]

OatDerma Range

The OatDerma range from Childs Farm has been a lifesaver for my little one's sensitive skin. 🌾 [Your Link]

If your child has sensitive skin, you have to try Childs Farm's OatDerma range. It's been a game-changer for us! [Your Link]

Slumbertime Range

Okay, but have you tried the Childs Farm Slumbertime bubble bath? 💤 Guaranteed zzz's for your little dreamer! [Your Link]

Bedtime routine just got an upgrade with #ChildsFarm Slumbertime range. Sweet dreams, kiddos! 🌙 [Your Link]

Shower and Other Products

Who said shower time can't be fun time? Childs Farm shower smoothie makes my little one's skin sing. 🚿🎶 [Your Link]

Morning routines are now a breeze thanks to Childs Farm shampoo and conditioner. 🌞 [Your Link]

Sun’s out, sun cream's on! ☀️ Childs Farm sun cream makes for a worry-free day out! [Your Link]

Summer essentials: Beach ball? Check. Ice cream? Check. Childs Farm sun cream? Double check! ☀️🍦 [Your Link]

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