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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mum, Baby and Guest

2021 is set to be a year like no other. Coming out from the depths of a global pandemic, adapting to virtual ways of living and getting comfortable with our new norms, we have learnt to do things differently. As a community, this has had a huge impact on us, prompting us to find creative ways of connecting with our nearest and dearest.

As a baby enthusiast and party lover, I’ve had to think outside of the box when planning baby showers for my friends and family. And this will be pushed even further – after all 2021 is set to be to year of the lockdown baby boom! So, if you too are thinking of ways to celebrate the mothers-to-be in your life with socially distanced options, then keep reading. I’m here to share my recommendations and tips for choosing the best gifts for baby showers!

It goes without saying that pregnancy can be a little tough on mothers. And when you layer on top the weight of carrying a child during lockdown and heavy restrictions on seeing friends and family, it’s no surprise that these superwomen may feel a little stressed or sad. A sure way to lift their spirits and put them in a good mood is to throw them a virtual baby shower. It can all be organised in the same way as a baby shower in person with the same guest list, games and expressions of love. Giving a mummy the gift of a virtual baby shower reminds them just how special they are, and you don’t have to stop there! With a little planning and organisation, you can choose and send gifts for new mums in advance, so they are ready and waiting for mummy-to-be to open on her special day.

Gifts for Mum

Being a mummy to little ones myself and having hosted a number of baby showers, my favourite gifts are ones that focus on the mother’s wellbeing, promoting relaxation before childbirth comes and it all kicks off!

The ultimate source of relaxation must be a warm bath. I mean, who doesn’t love a good soak with lots of bubbles?! The Farmologie Pink Grapefruit Bath Soak is a gorgeous pamper gift for mum to indulge in. To make it even more luxurious, you can pair it with the Farmologie Coconut Body Oil, which can be used after the long warm bath to rub her beautiful baby bump. Honestly, she will love you! She may even cry!

Whilst we’re on the subject of indulgence, remember that a well-fed mum-to-be is a happy mum-to-be! A good tip is to find ways of safely sending food and treats to a new mum, so this makes a tin of Good Cake Day mixed brownies a great letterbox gift idea. I personally have never tasted a brownie so divine in my life, but don’t just take my word for it; they’ve been voted the most delicious brownies known to man by Reader’s Digest! If you’re feeling super fly, you can pimp this gift up and purchase a subscription, making this a gift for parents that can be enjoyed for months to come.

Another unique gift idea which will win you extra brownie points is an embellished hairband. You’ll be solving two problems at once: helping mama keep her hair at bay whilst also adding some glam to her look. #Winning! The Tim & Tam Satin embellished headbands are divinely designed, soft on delicate hairlines and available in a variety of colours so you can select one that you know will be loved!

My final, but perhaps most wonderful gift idea is a set of wireless earphones. Earphones? I hear you ask? Well, YES! Because as we’re playing the hokey-cokey in and out of lockdown, mamas-to-be will be spending more time connecting with loved ones over the phone. And once the baby arrives, she will need to be hands free whilst showing off the baby to grandparents, aunts, uncles and loved ones over video calls. So, if you want to be the clever person who bought the fancy gift, a set of wireless earphones is a must!

Gifts for Baby

When we think about baby showers, we think about babies. And rightly so! They are truly special. So, it’s only proper that they receive the best baby shower gifts.

Where better to start than with the Childs Farm Baby Essentials Kit with items that all babies will need and mothers will love. The set includes minis of the baby bath time bubbles, baby wash, baby moisturiser and nappy creme making it the perfect addition to the hospital bag. And with its special formula, they are perfect for even the most sensitive newborn skin.

Another gift idea and hospital bag must have is a set of baby milestone cards. Colour Celebrations Milestone Cards celebrate developmental and cultural milestones with helpful hints and tips on the back of each card. Not only does this make it one of the more thoughtful and unique baby shower gifts, it also doubles as a tool to encourage and celebrate diversity.

If you’re looking for the wow factor, then it doesn’t get any more fabulous than the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Suitcase. This beautifully presented gift hamper comes in keepsake case and includes a full-sized version of all the bath and bedtime favourites plus a thermometer to ensure baby’s bath temperature is just right. It is one of the most all round, perfect baby shower gifts you could give.

If you want to go the extra mile and shower (no pun intended) the new baby with love, then you can add a Crownbury Baby Towel and Wash Cloth set to the mix. Made of organic bamboo fibre these are the softest baby towels around - Trust me I know, I’ve used them for both of my babies and 3 years later, they’re still going strong. Durable, soft, warm and fluffy, the hooded towel will surely put a smile on the face of mum and baby.

The gift of sleep is something that all new parents desire, so why not incorporate it into your baby shower gift? My number one gift recommendation to achieve this is hands down the Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Pillow Spray. Formulated with tangerine oil, it helps baby sleep, gently easing them into the land of nod whilst adding a gorgeous aroma to the room. Whilst its suitable for babies’ use from 6 months, sleepy parents can sneak a few spritzes on their pillows too!

If you like the sleep gifting theme, then add some smooth satin sheets to your baby present. The Tim & Tam satin baby sheets come in a variety of colours and sizes, including one for Moses baskets meaning baby can start sleeping in luxury from the day they’re born.

Gifts for guests

As virtual baby showers are becoming increasingly popular, you may worry that guests will miss out on feeling part of the day. But fear not as there are so many clever ways to ensure guests feel like they are present. You can set up games using apps like Kahoot! and send prizes out to winners. E-thank you cards are also a great way to show appreciation. Party favours can also be achieved, using pocket and letterbox friendly gifts. The Farmologie Try Me Box is such a wonderful baby shower favour idea – the set includes minis of the grapefruit body wash, bath soak, moisturiser and hand creme and comes in a pretty gift box, making it a great way to share the fun and spread the love.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and the gift ideas have got your creative juices flowing. However you choose to celebrate the Mother-to-be in your life, remember to take lots of pictures (or screenshots) and document the day, making memories that will last for years to come. X

Deborah Ajaja is the Founder of Colour Celebrations, a luxury gifting brand for babies of colour. Established in 2018 after the birth of her first child, she struggled to find gifts which were fun but also representative of her heritage (British Nigerian) and culture. The highly acclaimed gifting items include milestone cards for black and mixed-race babies featuring a range of beautifully designed cards to celebrate key moments in babies’ first 12 months. Deborah uses her brand and platform to celebrate colour, culture and heritage boldly and proudly. She is based in London and lives with her husband and their two young children. 

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