From Little Bumps to Smooth Sails

Real Parents Share Their Childs Farm Stories 🌈

Hey there, fellow parent! 🌟 Ever found yourself in the skincare aisle, overwhelmed by an endless sea of bottles, each promising the moon and stars? We've been there too! But, you see, what really sets Childs Farm apart are the voices of our wonderful community. You're about to dive into heartwarming, life-changing tales from parents just like you. Trust us; these aren't just stories—they're love letters to happy skin. 💕

When A Picture Says A Thousand Words: Paige's Viral Story

Paige Sweeney from Nottingham took to Facebook to showcase something extraordinary: the transformation of her 3-year-old daughter Evie-Rae's sensitive hands. The snaps ricocheted across cyberspace, gathering over 40,000 shares. Paige didn't just stop at that; she spread the love on The Daily Mail Online and even landed on 'This Morning.' Her verdict? A 'miracle cream'!


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The Stories that Touched Our Hearts

Galway mum Joanne Nevin had almost resigned herself to steroid creams for her daughter Kelisha's incessant itching and weeping. But four weeks of Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser? It was like a hug in a bottle for Kelisha's skin. 🤗