10 Magical Reasons Why Childs Farm Is Your Baby's Skin Hero 🌟

10 Magical Reasons Why Childs Farm Is Your Baby's Skin Hero 🌟

Hello and welcome to the Childs Farm Family! We understand that as new parents, you've got a plateful of things to juggle. Here at Childs Farm, we're on a mission to make choosing the best skincare for your precious little one a breeze. So, let's explore together why Childs Farm is the go-to choice for baby's skin care:

1. Created with a Mum’s Loving Touch 🤱

Our journey started in 2010, born from a mum's love and concern for her daughters' sensitive skin, which could also be prone to eczema. Childs Farm blossomed from the need for gentle skincare solutions. Fast forward over a decade, and we're still dedicated to creating gentle skincare that’s just right for your little ones. We’re here for you from newborn, and as your little ones grow and become more independent.

2. Loved by Families Everywhere 💕

We're thrilled to be a family favourite baby and child skincare brand! Our small but mighty team has touched the hearts of families nationwide, placing trust and love in our natural products*.

3. Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin 🌼

Our range is a loving hug for sensitive skin, also safe for people who may be prone to eczema. With paediatrician and dermatologist approved formulations, we ensure gentle yet effective skincare, wrapping your baby's skin in a blanket of nourishing comfort.

4. Endorsed by Experts 👩‍⚕️

Every product undergoes rigorous clinical testing and is dermatologist and paediatrician approved. We ensure each formulation is kind, mild, and safe for the most delicate skin. So breathe easy, knowing we’ve got your little one covered. Peace of mind for you and gentle care for your baby.

5. Parent-Approved Products 👪

Our products aren't just clinically tested; they're parent-approved! With impressive feedback from trials involving newborns and children including those with sensitive skin, our range stands as a testament to parental trust and satisfaction. Our products are as gentle as a mother's touch, leaving no room for any worries.

6. Nature’s Finest Ingredients for your Little One 🌿

We believe in the power of nature. Our products boast a minimum of 92% natural origin ingredients*, and are free from parabens. Your little one’s skin deserves nothing but the gentlest touch. It's our promise to be kind to your child's skin and kind to the planet.

7. Thousands of Happy Little Customers 😊

We want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin! Stories from families who've found joy and comfort in our products warm our hearts daily. From helping to nourish gentle skin to making bath time fun, we're honoured to be a part of your child's happy, healthy skincare regime.

8. Award-Winning Excellence 🏆

With over 100 awards and counting, including recognition from Mother & Baby, we're not just loved by families but also recognised for our excellence in baby skincare. From 'Best Bathtime Product' to 'Best Baby Product', our collection has been adored and recognised, time and time again.

9. Compassionate and Ethical 🐰

Our commitment to kindness extends beyond skincare. We're proud to be certified by Cruelty-Free International via the Leaping Bunny Programme. We are also registered with The Vegan Society, just look out for the logos on our bottles.

10. Kind to Skin, Kind to Planet 🌍

We think about tomorrow’s world today. Right from our 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic bottles** to our sustainably sourced ingredients, that’s why we’re proud to be a certified B-Corp. Choosing Childs Farm means caring for your baby’s skin whilst we do our bit for the planet.

We pour our hearts into every bottle and hope you’ll adore our range as much as we do.
Here’s to happy skin and even happier smiles! 💚
The Childs Farm Team

*based on ISO16128
**excluding caps and labels

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