Childs Farm bath thermometer is the perfect tool to help with little ones' bath times.

Leave the Childs Farm baby bath thermometer in water for 15 seconds. If '+' is illuminated, water temperatures is too hot (above 38°C), if '-' is illuminated, water temperature is too cold (under 36°C), if 'tick' is illuminated water temperature is just right (between 36-38°C). If thermometer strip remains black adjust water temperature until 'tick' appears illuminated. 



Never leave your child unattended in the bath. Your child's safety is your responsibility. Do not overfill the bath. Always add cold water first, then add warm water to obtain suitable temperature and mix thoroughly before immersing the bath thermometer. Always check the water temperature manually before placing baby in bath. If the water temperature is too high or too low then no colour change will take place. The strip will remain black. Very high temperatures may damage the thermometer. 


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