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Self-Care: 6 Ways to Improve your Mental Well-being in 2021

Francesca Falcini

Francesca Falcini | 13 Jan, 2021 | 0 comments

January can always be a difficult month, but if you’re finding the start of 2021 even tougher than usual, especially with the most recent news, you’re not alone! That’s why we at Farmologie have put together some of our favourite tips for self-care and mental well-being, to help you make this January a little less blue.

So... How Can You Improve Your Mental Well-being?

  1. Get moving

    Whether you go for a lunchtime walk to get the blood pumping or have a 10 min stretch after sitting at your desk for too long, moving around is a great stress-buster! We'd also highly recommend putting on your favourite song and taking a little dance break...
  2. Take a bubble bath

    Grab your favourite book, light some candles, put some chilled music on, and make bath time a moment of calm for yourself. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day, and can help shift your mindset from ‘work from home’ to ‘chill at home’.

    Our Pink Grapefruit Bath Soak is gently fragranced with pink grapefruit essential oil and scent for an uplifting citrus scent at bath time - what better thing to put a smile on your face after a long day?
  3. Have a change of scene

    Okay, far from easy if you've been put back into lockdown...but even just moving your work set up to another room for a day or reorganising your desk can have a serious impact when you're feeling fatigued or restless - you'd be surprised!
  4. Unplug

    With everything that’s happening in the world, we’re more connected than ever; there are video calls, news alerts, and social media, all just a tap away – which is why it can be important to take a little time at the end of the day and step back from it all! Whether it’s a half hour break before bed or phone-free mornings on the weekend, giving yourself a break and switching off can do wonders for your well-being.
  5. Make time for ‘me-time’

    Easier said than done, we know! But here’s the thing: whether you’re a workaholic, a serial procrastinator, or somewhere in between, giving yourself time – and permission – to take an actual break will not only make you more productive, but it’ll stop you from getting burnt out and overwhelmed! Whether you spend an hour doing something you love, eating a good meal, or taking a nap, allocating that time in your schedule will give you some much needed TLC, guilt-free!

  6. Learn to say ‘no’

    Bear with us, we know it’s not always easy! Whether you’re prone to taking on too many commitments and burning out, or you just agree to things you don’t want to do and regret it later, there’s nothing wrong with polite but firm ‘no’ when something’s just not right for you. It’ll stop you feeling so overwhelmed and leave room in your life for the things you truly love and enjoy – win win!


Research suggests that making a few small changes to your behaviour can make a big difference to your long-term health and mental well-being and help create healthy habits, especially if you’re spending a lot of time on your own or in isolation.

Have you tried any of the above tips? Do you have some suggestions of your own? Share your favourites in the comments below and we’ll add the best to the list.
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Francesca Falcini

Francesca Falcini 


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