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Wash, dry, moisturise!

Joanna Jensen

Joanna Jensen | 17 Sep, 2020 | 0 comments

At Childs Farm we know a thing or two about keeping hands clean and soft. We’ve created an easy 60 second routine for both children and adults, to make sure your hands stay feeling great with all of the extra washing.

Let’s get 60 seconds on the clock…

Sing Happy Birthday or Humpty Dumpty twice (we’ve done the maths!), and follow the World Health Organisation guidelines on how to wash your hands: Wet hands with water, apply enough hand wash to cover the entire surface of both hands, make sure you rub palm to palm, between each finger and the backs of hands, before rinsing with water.

A clean, dry towel is essential to make sure that hands are fully dried, removing any remaining bacteria. If possible, every person in your household should have their own towel, which helps to stop the spread of germs and gives little ones more responsibility for their cleanliness.

Once dry, moisturise hands all over with a quick-absorbing moisturiser to rehydrate and protect the skin, which helps prevent dry, cracked hands and the risk of infection. With the increased need to wash our hands due to COVID-19, we recommend always carrying a hand cream with you, so you can reapply throughout the day as needed.

Tired of singing Happy Birthday? Try our very catchy hand washing song…




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Joanna Jensen

Joanna Jensen