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Child Farm’s tips for entertaining the kids this summer

Child Farm’s tips for entertaining the kids this summer

Child Farm’s tips for entertaining the kids this summer 1920 1278 Alex Hemus

Top tips for entertaining the kids this summer

Schools out and you’re left wondering how you’re going to fill 6 weeks? Here are our top tips for keeping the kids entertained this summer – for as cheap as possible!


1. A good old fashioned walk

Wet or dry, get outdoors. Take the kids for a walk and bring the dogs, friends, family; the more the merrier. If there is a stream nearby why not teach them poohsticks; bring out their competitive side and gaurenteed laughter. You can introduce them to the Christopher Robin film on a rainy day. If the sun is shining make sure you take a picnic with you.

For those sunny days we sugguest taking our suncream, roll-on, cream, lotion, we’ve got you covered here. If it’s been wet, bring them home and enjoy a soak in the tub to warm up/clean off, we have a number of bath products to keep that good mood going, find them here. 


2. Baking

What little one doesn’t love a sweet treat, and making their own is a great way of keeping them entertained. We sugguest making somethingsimple like cupcakes – and maybe you could get some inspiration from our products fruity aromas of what to include!

But make sure they wash their hands before handling food with our grapefruit and tea tree oil handwash!


3. Build a den

A den is always needed. Use the sofa cushions, bring down the pillows and duvets and get out that picnic rug. Building a den will keep them occupied for hours as they build a safe fort from pirates or a little hidden hideaway. 


4. Make your own ice cream

Little ones love their ice lollies. With the warmer weather coming why not make your own? Get your own lollipop casts and fill it with their favourite fruit juice for a delicious, and healthy, afternoon treat.


5. Pick your own fruit

We all know you’re meant to have 5 a day so why not make eating fruit fun? Take them to your local pick your own fruit shop. A great way of getting outdoors and enticing them to eat something healthy. They’ll be no excuse as to why they can’t eat the fruit as they can choose what fruit to pick and exactly what juicy berries they want to eat.

Don’t forget to make them wash their hands before they eat them with our grapefruit and tea tree oil handwash.


6. Water fight

With a heatwave pending, keep the kids cool and entertained with a water fight. Load up those water pistols, get those buckets filled and make the most of the sunshine! We sugguest you cream up using the Childs Farm suncream before they go out and re-apply every 1 to 2 hours.

If you have a paddling pool we sugguest making it more sensory for them by adding sand, their toy animals or even making boats!

Clean them up after with our Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim, an easy way to clean them head to toe!


7. Give the birds a treat

Teach the kids some valuable life lessons about the enivornment around us and make some bird feeders out of recycled bottles and those old wooden spoons. Fill with bird feed and put the wooden spoons through the bottle for a ledge for the birds to sit on and peck the food. Then watch your new friends flock to your garden.

Instructions for how to make bird feeders can be found on the internet.

The Childs Farm cartoons

If you love our products you’ll love to meet the animals on Childs Farm. Let the images on the bottles come to life in a 21 episode short cartoon series that is sure to keep your little ones entertained on a rainy day. Available to watch via our YouTube Channel or to purchase on our website.


9. Build a Bug Hotel

We’ve got a great idea for our empty bottles, build a bug hotel! Get close to nature and nurture bugs after building them the house of their dreams. The Wildlife Trust website gives you instructions on how to build their house, and recycled bottles are on the list of things you need – which is where our old bottles can be great for this!

Make sure they wash their hands with our grapefruit and tea tree oil handwash after playing in the garden.


10. Rainy day jar

The great British weather is unpredicatable. The sun is shining today but equally, we could be in for a downpour tomorrow. Don’t get caught out, start a rainy day jar! Write down activities and put them in the jar so when its pouring you can pull an activity out of the jar and know your day is planned!

Some inspiration for the jar: arts & crafts, cinema, board game tournament.


To make sure you’re always prepared this summer, shop Childs Farm Swim & Sun

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