How to keep kids active in October half-term

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With half-term fast approaching, our friends at family activity app Hoop have pulled a selection of half-term activities that are perfect for the holidays. From spooktastic raves to active water sports and nature detective hunts, there are lots of different ways to keep kids entertained this autumn break.

Get Wet in Aquageddon

Watersports | £3.70 per child | Wigan Life Centre

Take part in an inflatable assault course in the pool, guaranteed to test your little ones water sports agility in this fun course. For a hassle free hair-to-toe post-swim wash, use Childs Farm’s 3 in 1 swim shampoo, conditioner and body wash that will leave hair clean and shiny and a top to toe smell of delicious strawberry and organic mint.

Go Wild in the Woods with Sussex Wildlife Trust

Animals & Nature | Suggested donation £4.00 | East Sussex

Take the family for a wild adventure in the woods. Practice some fire lighting,
make a den, go on a bug hunt, make things from natural materials and explore the woods.

James Campbell: The Funny World Of…

Comedy for 6 years+ | £11 | Basingstoke

A stand-up comedy show for children, their parents, and anyone who likes comedy without rude words. James’ show will find the funny things about everything from pets, couscous, to why we have hair.

Lagoon Wipeout

Waterplay for 8 years and above | £12.50 per child | Nottingham

An inflatable obstacle course with slides, climbing walls, balancing beams,
demolition balls, humps, basher walls, and much more. Take the challenge, race
your friends and family, and try not to wipe out.

Mud Pie Academy: Into the Woods Parent and Toddler Club

Outdoor Play for 1 to 4 years | Child £42.00 | Manchester

A forest school session. Activities might include making dens, going on bear hunts,
playing hide and seek games, campfire cooking, and making simple natural crafts.

Learn to swim with Swimming Nature

Swimming for ages 3-11 years | full term £288 | London

Whether they’re complete beginners or not, children can learn to swim in a natural, relaxed and fun experience with amazing and recognisable results. Swimming Nature are here to encourage, inspire and reward children as they progress through the stages of learning to swim.

Beginner infant and toddler swimming classes by Water Babies

Swimming for 3 months – 5 years | Full Term £175 | Basingstoke

Progressive baby and toddler classes taught by the world’s highest-trained baby swimming teachers. Focused on building water confidence, activities are tailored to the skill and level of each child, reflecting the key moments in a child’s development.

Find these and thousands more local kids activities download the Hoop app at: hoop.co.uk/app

Our top tips for taking your child swimming

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Our top tips for taking your child swimming


Swimming is one of the best workouts for you – it keeps your heart rate up, but the water takes the impact off your body, building up your muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness and helping maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs. And while it’s a great workout for you, it’s also a great activity for the kids.

Whether it be playing in the local leisure centre pool or at the waterpark, swimming is not only great entertainment for the kids but also a life-saving skill for them to learn.

Here we share our tips for taking the kids to the pool:

1. Go prepared

Children are unpredictable, go prepared. Go to the pool with your swimming costumes under your clothes, for you and them. This will save time and hassle when you’re there but don’t forget to pack your underwear – we’ve all been there!

If you’re planning on visiting an outdoor pool, make sure you suncream up before going and take suncream to reapply every 1-2 hours – and make sure you take a drink, swimming is an exercise after all.

2. Plan according to the weather

Bare the weather in mind. Swimming is an all weather sport but it may be worth checking the weather before you go. Choose an indoor pool if that weather’s glum or stay outdoors if the weathers nice.

3. Avoid large meals

Don’t eat for at least an hour before swimming. There is the age old rumour that eating a big meal before swimming causes the blood flow to be directed away from your limbs to your digestive system which could lead to drowning however, it’s more likely that you will get stomach cramps and or feel sick… We sugguest waiting that hour!

4. Take that 3 in 1 Swim

We’ve created the perfect post swim product, for hassle free hair-to-toe cleaning; our 3 in 1 Swim. It will leave their hair clean and shiny and a top to toe smell of delicious strawberry and organic mint.

5. Swimming lessons

Swimming is an exellent sport for health benefits and a great life saving skill to learn. For those little ones that aren’t the most confident of swimmers we sugguest looking into swimming lessons, to make sure they find going swimming as much of a treat as you do!

You don’t need to just go swimming at the pool, how about planning a trip to the beach? We’re heading down to Cornwall this summer to Polzeath beach with our Sun Cream truck where we will be selling our suncare from. Doing our bit to help protect the UK coast from sunburn this summer. Come and say hi to our Founder, Joanna Jenson, if you’re nearby!

To make sure you are always prepared this summer shop Childs Farm sun, swim and travel.