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baby sample set

Try before you buy, why not?

Try before you buy, why not? 960 960 Alex Hemus

Try before you buy, why not?

Here at Childs Farm, listening to our consumers is something we relish. You know what you like – and what you don’t – and we love it when you tell us!

It’s because of you that we created our little sample boxes, because you told us that if you have a child with sensitive skin, and you’ve spent a small fortune on assorted lotions and positions to try, the last thing you want is a cupboard full of bottles that are unusable.

So, the sample boxes were born! Whether you’re looking for a mini kit to keep your little one fresh on the go, or simply dipping your toe into the Childs Farm pool of products to test them for the very first time, our Child Sample Pack delivers value by the bucket load and provides the perfect introduction to parents keen to explore some of the heroes in our range.

As part of the sample boxes, we are proud to be working with The Brain Tumour Charity to raise awareness of their HeadSmart campaign, by displaying educative illustrations that show the early signs of a brain tumour. This is featured on over 1 million sample boxes that we will be giving away of our award-winning baby & child toiletries range, with Emma’s Diary, NCT and others throughout 2019.

Many of us at Childs Farm have witnessed the devastating effect of undetected brain tumours first- hand. Statistics on brain tumours in the UK are frightening, with 10 children in the UK being diagnosed every week. So, if we can save just one young life through educating a parent or caregiver to the early signs of brain tumours through our collective endeavours, we will be on the path to success.

If you are expecting a new baby, or have friends and family who are, do remind them to pick up their Emma’s Diary bag or NCT Ante-Natal bag, both of which contain the Baby Sample Box for new Mums to try, along with other goodies for new mums.

To celebrate the launch of these little boxes, we are giving you a chance to save 10% off all of our little boxes and gifting until 28th June – so that’s the sample boxes and everything in our gifting range.

Just enter the code HEADSMART at the check-out to get your 10% discount*.

Best wishes,

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