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The skin is your body’s largest organ, the first line of defence against dehydration and invasion from viruses, bacteria and pollutants in the external environment. Looking after it as it grows is an important part of staying healthy.

Happy skin promise™

Happy skin promise™

Childs Farm-044Childs Farm has been driven by my desire that every child should feel happy in their skin – whether they have normal, sensitive or even eczema-prone skin.

I want to give the very best to my children, as I know you want to give to yours. So I am delighted to be able to share the range with you.

Our products undergo extensive clinical tests and user trials to allow us to make the claims we do, and to assure you that you are giving the best to your babies and children – while still remaining affordable.

Our Happy skin promise™ is a promise from me to you that we have done our very best for your little ones, and that every bottle we sell is designed especially for them.

✓  Dermatologically tested and approved

✓  Paediatrician approved

✓  Suitable for newborns and upwards

✓  Suitable for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin

✓  98% naturally derived ingredients

✓  Made with organic essential oils

✓  Free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours

✓  Never tested on animals, only on people

✓  Tested and approved by my little ones for you to use on yours

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Joanna Jensen, Founder


Young skin

Young skin

Smiling girl with hand to cheek shutterstock_76668322The smaller you are, the larger your surface area to volume ratio. So, proportionately, children have more skin than adults. This means children more easily lose hydration, and are more readily affected by toxins that can be absorbed through the skin.

Children also start out with a thinner stratum corneum – the outermost layer, which works as a barrier to protect underlying tissue from injury, infection, dehydration and stress. Cells in the stratum corneum contain keratin – a protein that waterproofs skin, giving it its strength and flexibility. Children have less keratin than adults, which adds to their vulnerability to dehydration and to the absorption of harmful agents.


Keeping moisture in and nasties out

Keeping moisture in and nasties out

iStock_000044908752_LargeHealthy skin cells are plump with water. This means they pack tightly against each other to form an effective barrier. Newborns and children’s skin has a higher water content, but this water is lost more quickly than a grown up’s because it’s not until adolescence that our sebaceous glands produce the oily sebum which traps it. In the meantime, it’s important to keep young skin clean and hydrated, using products free from toxins that could cause our children harm.


Important claims & research

Important claims & research

shutterstock_112749277Childs Farm was founded as a specialist toiletries provider for little ones. Our good reputation depends on our ability to manage, look after and maintain young skin and hair so that it is clean, moisturised and free from irritation.

Our latest research shows us that mums and dads believe everything they find in the baby aisle is safe to put on their child’s skin and hair. But with our range, we want to be absolutely certain that this truly is the case.

Going the extra ‘country’ mile

To give mums, dads and caregivers the reassurance they’re looking for when it comes to caring for their children’s skin, Childs Farm undergoes clinical tests and controlled user trials on every single one of our products. It may surprise you to know that we are one of the very few baby and child ranges to do this.

In fact, we go above and beyond the rigorous EU guidelines and regulations for the cosmetics and toiletries industry. This is because, as parents ourselves, we want to be sure that the claims we make on our packaging can be trusted 100%.

So, when we tell you that our products are dermatologically tested and approved, and paediatrician approved, as suitable for newborns and upwards – even those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin – you can rest assured that we’ve jumped through many more hoops than most other baby and child ranges in order to make these claims.

This means our product development process is fairly complicated! By detailing it here, we want to show you how much care goes into everything we make, and the lengths we go to, to ensure all our products are fit for purpose.

Designing a new product

All our products are created in the research and development lab of British toiletries manufacturer Medichem. We’ve worked with Medichem –headed up by Maxine Scanlan– since our founder Joanna came up with the first formula for Childs Farm. Now, Maxine knows exactly which ingredients we’ll consider for our range and which we won’t; what’s new that we might like; and which essential oils have recently been created.

Joanna has a giant box of essential oils which she is constantly playing around with. When we think we need a new product, out comes the box and the sniffing begins! But just because something smells nice, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to use on young skin. So a huge amount of research goes into every choice we make for an essential oil.

Once we have chosen an essential oil and matched it with a base product, the end result is tested on as many babies and children as we can find locally. If every little one involved in this testing process is happy, we then go ahead with stability testing. This is a robust process that all our products go through for three months. It makes sure they can withstand changes in temperature, and that they don’t separate or break up. If the product passes stability testing, the next step of our process is to put the product through a clinical trial.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a managed and controlled test procedure carried out by an international medical research company, so that all results are universally recognised.

It is not a mandatory process for products marketed to babies and children. It’s something that we at Childs Farm choose to do, to make sure that all our toiletries are not just fit for purpose, but safe as well.

Undertaking a clinical trial costs a lot of money, but that shouldn’t prevent all baby & child ranges carrying them out, to confirm their suitability for little ones. However, the vast majority of brands don’t do this.

At Childs Farm, we use testing experts who follow a standard, industry-approved, scientific protocol that dictates the number of participants in our trials, and the process by which our products are evaluated. The trial takes the form of a 96 hour patch test on a selection of men and women of varying ages – all of whom have medically-diagnosed eczema. A sample of product is put onto a medical ‘disc’ which is then stuck to each participant with medical tape and left undisturbed for 23 hours. This is then removed and the participant’s skin is reviewed for an hour. Any reaction or redness is recorded. The whole process is then repeated until each and every product has been tested on four different parts of each participant’s body.

Reviewing the results

The results of this research are then examined by a dermatologist and a paediatrician. If both these doctors believe they substantiate the claims for which they have been tested, they confirm their approval by signing all claim documents. In the case of Childs Farm these claims are:

✓ dermatologically approved

✓ dermatologically tested

✓ clinically tested

✓ suitable for eczema-prone skin

✓ paediatrician approved

✓ suitable for newborns

✓ kind to skin

✓ mild for skin

✓ safe for skin

If a product doesn’t pass a clinical trial, it won’t go on a shelf!

What is a user trial?

A user trial allows us to gather responses from potential users of our brand by trying out our products on certain groups of babies and children. This means we can give you, our customers, the reassurance of feedback from real parents – including those whose little ones have poorly skin.

When we undertake a user trial, we commission the same international medical research team to find groups of parents – such as parents who have babies under 18 months old; parents of toddlers; and parents whose babies have medically diagnosed eczema – so that those parents can test our products on their little ones.

The process usually takes place over the course of a week, and will involve at least 100 participants.

Parents are given a bottle of one of our products, and asked to use it for a week as part of their baby or child’s normal bathing routine. They are then asked to thoroughly review the product. These reviews are then returned to the medical research team, and form the basis of a series of documents which detail the results of each trial.

Results of trials on our baby range

Our baby range was trialled on 100 newborns aged 0-3 months, and 102 babies with medically diagnosed eczema aged 3-18 months. The results were amazing:

✓ 10 out of 10 parents said the products caused no irritation to their baby’s skin

✓ 10 our of 10 parents said they’d recommend the range to other parents whose newborn or baby has eczema or sensitive skin.

Results of trials on our toddler range

Our whole range was recently trialled on 112 babies aged between 0-3 months. A whopping 99% of parents reported no irritation to their newborn’s skin. In addition:

✓ 9 out of 10 parents said they would recommend Childs Farm

✓ 9 out of 10 parents said they would buy Childs Farm products

✓ 9 out of 10 parents preferred Childs Farm fragrances to their regular brand

We also carried out user trials on 117 babies with medically diagnosed eczema, aged between 3-18 months. We found that 88% of parents would recommend Childs Farm to other parents whose baby or child has eczema, and 90% of parents would buy Childs Farm instead of their usual brand.

Our ingredients

Almost 96% of our ingredients are approved organic by the Soil Association. This means we know we’re using quality, robustly tested ingredients from the outset. We consciously chose not to go fully organic because we felt that to do so wouldn’t fully benefit you, the end user. We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive brand, and to be 100% organic would have made our price point so high that our range would have been beyond the reach of ordinary mums, dads and their children.

Happy skin means happy babies, kids and parents tooTM

In the UK, 1 in 5 children under five suffers from eczema, and 82% of parents believe their child has sensitive skin. At Childs Farm, we want all babies and children to have happy skin. Our products look such fun in the bathroom that every child will want to use them, and because they’re scented with essential oils, they smell amazing too.

Our naturally derived ingredients work hard to clean thoroughly and moisturise deeply. But they’re also mild, kind and safe for everyone. Even those with poorly skin.



Our ethos & ethics

Our ethos & ethics

shutterstock_157446086Childhood is precious, a time full of magic and adventure as bodies and minds grow. Children’s skin is still developing until puberty, so it’s much more prone to infection and irritation if not kept clean and hydrated. And as kids explore the world around them, they get dirty – it’s more than half the fun! Childs Farm makes sure children get clean again with products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of their skin and hair.

With one child in five suffering from eczema in the UK, we have devised a range of toiletries that makes bath time fun for everyone. We don’t want any child to be left out because of sensitive skin or eczema when their friends decide to have a bath together. And we don’t want to make mums’ lives harder by buying different products for their children’s different skin types. Our naturally derived ingredients are suitable for everyone. They are as mild and gentle as possible – but they also work super hard to cleanse thoroughly and moisturise deeply. They look so funky in the bathroom that every child will want to use them. And because they’re scented with organic oils, they smell amazing too.


What’s inside

What’s inside

2 essential oil bottles with flowers shutterstock_173787758Childs Farm uses ingredients that parents can trust:

Essential Oils Essential oils not only smell fantastic, they also possess superpowers. Some contain a natural biocide which lifts off grime. Others, such as the tea-tree oil we use in our detangling spray, deter head lice. And their aromas can affect the way we feel – acting as a real mood changer to calm us down, relax us and make us feel happy.

At Childs Farm, we only use those essential oils that can be put undiluted onto a baby’s skin without harming it. We don’t use lavender oil, for example, as a drop of this would burn newborn skin. Our yummy smells come from organic sweet orange, mint, tangerine, grapefruit and tea tree oil.

Natural Detergents
Some plants make natural detergents. Our surfactants are derived from beets, corn and coconut and are Soil Association approved.

Natural Moisturisers
We rely on natural ingredients to hydrate skin and hair – vegetable glycerine and honey. These not only add moisture, they also grab it from the environment, which means our products keep on working long after bath time is over. We also use plant-derived oils, incredible emollients which reduce the amount of water which escapes from the skin, helping it hang onto moisture and remain more elastic.

Natural Preservatives
We use high-grade, broad-spectrum preservatives at lowest safe concentrations, and natural preservatives like rosamux, which is derived from rosemary.

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What’s not inside

What’s not inside

Row of Aromatherapy bottles shutterstock_3389057NO SLSs/SLESs
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) are chemicals commonly used in shampoos, soaps and toothpastes.

They are effective detergents but, according to the American College of Toxicology, less than 0.5% concentration can cause skin irritation.

NO Parabens
These are efficient and inexpensive preservatives, but they also act as ‘xenoestrogens’ which means they mimic oestrogen. They have been linked to breast cancer and fertility problems, as well as to the increase in early-onset puberty. When used on the skin, parabens react with sunlight to cause sun damage (ageing) and DNA damage.


PEG is the acronym for Polyethylene glycol. It isn’t a single ingredient but a class of ethylene glycol polymers that moisturise, keep products stable, and enhance the penetration of other ingredients, both good and bad. PEGs are typically followed by a number correlating to how many units of ethylene glycol they comprise, in the form of say PEG-4 or PEG-100; the lower the number, the more easily the compound is absorbed into the skin.

PEGs are only mild irritants but, worryingly, they actually aid the spread of harmful chemicals over the epidermis. These include the impurities with which they’re often contaminated. According to the International Journal of Toxicology, pollutants found in various PEG compounds include ethylene oxide (used to manufacture mustard gas), 1,4-dioxane, polycyclic aromatic compounds, and heavy metals (lead, iron, cobalt, nickel, cadmium, arsenic). Products and formulas containing PEGs should not be used on young skin, especially if it’s broken or irritated.

NO Mineral oils
Mineral oils are a common ingredient in baby lotions, cold creams, make-up removers and ointments. But they are also a by-product of the distillation of petroleum. We don’t use any primary petrochemicals in our products.

NO Phthalates
Phthalates are chemicals used to soften plastic. They are also found in a wide range of products including building materials, modelling clay, cars, cleaning products, insecticides and baby care products. Readily absorbed through the skin, phthalates have been linked with breast cancer, birth defects, miscarriage and early-onset puberty.

NO Artificial colours
Our products are white or clear. We think they’re pretty inoffensive looking as they are, so why add something when you don’t need to? In any case, we get all the fun and colour we want from our labels and packaging.


Patch testing

Patch testing

Girl Rubbing cream into her arm shutterstock_203589715All our products are formulated to be safe and extremely gentle. They are dermatologist tested and approved and paediatrician approved as safe for use on children and newborns – even those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin. However, as a common sense precaution, we recommend a patch test be carried out at least 24 hours prior to first use. Two of the best places to test are inside the upper arm and behind the ear. Don’t patch test on skin that is already irritated, as this won’t give an accurate reading.

View our video on how to patch test.


Animal testing and use of animal products

Animal testing and use of animal products

An imBaby with catportant part of our code of ethics is that none of our components or end products is tested on animals. They are only ever tested on people. And apart from our hair conditioner and detangler, which contain honey and the sun cream which contains Cera Alba (beeswax), our products are suitable for vegans

Childs Farm is 100% compliant with the European Commission’s ‘Cosmetics Directive’. This prohibits animal testing on individual toiletries ingredients as well as finished products.





Our products are specifically designed for the unique hair and skin needs of babies and children. Over 98% of our ingredients are naturally-derived. They are especially gentle, but they do a particularly good job of cleaning, moisturising and conditioning.

Read a full description of all our ingredients on our ingredients page.


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